Advanced Resume Strategies: Giving You Punch on Paper

In today’s job market, a good resume simply isn’t good enough... it has to be great. A truly effective resume is more than just a pretty or well-constructed document... it’s a powerful marketing tool that allows you to stand out among your toughest competition, showcases your value to an employer in the most compelling way possible, and most importantly…makes your phone ring off the hook! In this jam-packed session, you will learn the latest advanced resume strategies..Read more

Ross Macpherson, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Killer LinkedIn Profile: The Enhancements that Open Doors

Your presence on LinkedIn is one of your most powerful career assets—a central component to your branding as you prepare yourself to land your ideal position. Just being on LinkedIn is not enough. To get attention and results from this essential social media platform, you need to optimize your profile and become an advanced user. In this presentation, you will gain skills and knowledge that will build your power on LinkedIn: Discover must-know tricks to make every word in your profile..Read more

Brenda Bernstein, ( PRESENTER BIO )

The 2-Hour Job Search Part One: Prioritizing Target Employers

One of the biggest challenges of the job search is not knowing where to start. After this webinar, attendees will know how to: Create a list of 40 target employers using four different methods Collect three pieces of data that are easy to find and predictive of job search success Determine a Top 5 for maximizing your chance of securing employment quickly …all in just 70 minutes of effort.

Steve Dalton, ( PRESENTER BIO )

How to Use Social Media to Get Found and Land A Job Faster

You're busy, and a little overwhelmed by all of the options to market yourself professionally via social media. Maybe you're not convinced networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are useful to someone with an MBA. Studies show increasing numbers of employers tap these online tools to identify, screen and hire candidates. Hiring managers report they attract better quality applicants and increase their reach when they use social media, and many intend to increase their investment..Read more

Miriam Salpeter, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Company Research: Use Social Media for the Inside Scoop on EmployersX

Get headed down the right path toward your ideal job by using sophisticated online research tools.  Doing your homework makes you a well-informed candidate and leads to more substantive discussions in your interviews. As you investigate and identify the industry or field where you most belong, the presentation will help you master research techniques to learn about specific companies, desired locations, job functions, and the right people to contact for key information and access. Think..Read more

Sean Campbel, ( PRESENTER BIO )

2-Hour Job Search Part Two: Making Connections By Picking Starter Contacts & Finding Email Addresses

Most job seekers know that an internal referral is a necessary prerequisite to getting an interview (and avoiding the online job posting “black hole”), but few job seekers know the right person to contact to get that referral nor how to get in touch with him or her. After this webinar, attendees will know how to: Translate target employers to specific contacts that are easy to reach and likely to be helpful, despite being strangers currently Use online tools – all free of..Read more

Steve Dalton, ( PRESENTER BIO )

2-Hour Job Search Part Three: Reach Out by Writing and Tracking Simple, Effective Outreach Emails

One of the most common job search questions is "What should I write?" in an email to a potential employer. Learn exactly what to say in this webinar to maximize your “return on effort.” Learn how to: Write effective 50-word outreach emails that attract -- not just any contacts -- but the right kind of contacts Learn how to quickly differentiate between the three types of contacts encountered in a job search: Boosters, Obligates, and Curmudgeons Track (and follow-up..Read more

Steve Dalton, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Using Twitter: Add Real-Time Networking to Your Job-Search Campaign

Professionals in all industries at all levels use Twitter to grow their network, exchange ideas, and promote their businesses. You should too. While Twitter may not have as many active users as Facebook or LinkedIn, you will find most Twitter users are open networkers. Fishing is this smaller, less competitive pond that makes it easier to hook company insiders and industry contacts. During this fast-paced session, we’ll build off the ideas presented in How to Use Social Media to Get Found..Read more

Hannah Morgan, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Interview Like a Rockstar: Strategies to Prepare and Perform

The Interview can be an intense “sweat interview” or a pleasant conversation that leads to a job offer – it’s your choice if you prepare and perform well. You can “own the tone” of the interview from the beginning by knowing what interviewers are really looking for before you walk into the room. After this webinar, you will: Know how to prepare for 4 key dimensions that MBA interviewers are really assessing in the process. Know the 3 most common (&..Read more

Jaymin Patel, ( PRESENTER BIO )

The Hidden Job Market: Creating Opportunities Out of Thin Air

Conventional wisdom says that 80% of available positions are filled before they are ever advertised. We can understand why it’s true for a few main reasons. First, there are always roles that have not been fully defined, and until that definition is given, there are unrequisitioned functional holes just waiting to be filled. Second, the process and time-lag of even a defined position passing through the requisition process of a major corporation can be ominous. Third, people would rather..Read more

Darrell Gurney, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Salary Negotiations: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

To not negotiate is to leave part of your compensation package with the employer. Not only is “pushing back” essential, but it sets the right tone for all future discussions of compensation during your tenure with an organization. This webinar will present a salary negotiation primer for both job seekers and professionals seeking to negotiate within their current business environments. A three-step approach will be detailed: How to avoid the subject for as long as possible,..Read more

Ellis Chase, ( PRESENTER BIO )