Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future

You want to make a change in your professional life, whether it’s shifting jobs, functional roles, or industries. But just because reinvention is common, that doesn't mean it's easy. You have learned new skills and made new contacts in your MBA program, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Now it’s time to seize control of your professional narrative, strategically reintroduce yourself to past colleagues, and demonstrate unquestionable expertise in the new area..Read more

Dorie Clark, ( PRESENTER BIO )

How to Use Assessment Data to Chart an Exciting New Professional Direction

Most B-schools provide students with a variety of individual assessments. Many offer career assessments including CareerLeader, MBTI and Strengths finder, some also offer 360-degree assessments and feedback along with individual coaching. These tools are designed to clarify your interests, motivations, and skills to help you develop your career strategy. This session will provide you with a framework to incorporate the feedback from assessments into a pro-active career strategy to help you..Read more

Jason Aldrich, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Career Rock Climbing – A Framework to Assess Risks and Choices

The great recession revealed fundamental shifts in how organizations operate and evolve – shifts that have fundamentally changed how individuals must navigate their careers. The traditional career ladder was transformed into a far more precarious climb up a rock wall rife with tenuous footholds, unexpected twists and disappointing lateral moves. This new environment of often tentative footing that today’s MBA career rock climbers experience as they navigate lacks clear career moves,..Read more

Jason Aldrich, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Know Your Options! A Strategy for Change

Whether you feel stuck and don’t know where you want to go or you have a change of direction already clarified, do you know what your options are as a Career Changer? This session will suggest ways to identify your career options to follow a four-step process to focus on what you CAN control. We'll discuss the confidential job search, the importance of powerful connections and the secret step that no one wants to discuss but MUST be addressed. Since 80% of jobs are still obtained via..Read more

Ellen Bartkowiak, ( PRESENTER BIO )

How to Redesign Your Career Using Personal Business Modeling™

The presentation is in four parts:1. The Personal Business Model Canvas The Personal Business Model Canvas is the same tool, slightly modified for use by individuals. Just as all organizations have business models, we as individuals have personal business models: logic by which we create and deliver value to customers. 2. How to Create a Personal Business Model This video walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a Personal Business Model. 3. How to Redesign Your Personal Business..Read more

Tim Clark, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Networking for Change

Networking is a professional competency needed by almost everyone, at almost every level, in almost every kind of workplace. It is essential as you navigate your relationships in your current organization, and as you build the internal and external relationships which will help you to create your ideal career. Research indicates that only 20 percent of employees are networking at their potential. If you’re part of the other 80 percent, you may have beliefs that hold you back or need some..Read more

Jim Wylde, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Resume and LinkedIn Summary: Advanced Strategies for Career Changers

If you are trying to make a significant career change, effectively branding or promoting yourself in your resume and LinkedIn poses a distinct challenge: how do you construct these documents in a way that get you considered for a new type of role if you have never done the work before, have an Experience section that looks completely irrelevant, and you are competing against candidates who are already doing that work? In this presentation, MBA branding guru and Beyond B-School’s resident..Read more

Ross Macpherson, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Finding and Telling Your Career Change Backstory

Career changers have distinct advantages and perceived disadvantages compared with their competition. This presentation will give you tools to clarify the advantages and mitigate the perceived disadvantages through the power of the story. In this presentation, Business Storyteller, Ron Ploof shows you how to use his StoryHow™ method to help you find, develop and tell your story so that interviewers remember you over your competition. You will learn: Audience: Putting yourself in the..Read more

Ron Ploof, ( PRESENTER BIO )

How to Fill Your Experience Gaps

What happens when you complete the MBA and then find out you’re still missing some key ingredients for the next career move? Changes are always tough, but definitely feasible, even in tricky economic situations. From a base of solid self-assessment, the program will describe non-traditional “bridges” to fill in experience gaps and add significant real-world skills. Or, in other words, what happens when you find out that the expensive, time-consuming MBA is not quite enough to..Read more

Ellis Chase, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Your Brand Evolution Plan: Remain Uniquely Relevant and Valuable

To launch your career change strategy, you need to assess your current branding and take action to re-brand regularly so you can achieve your goals and increase your happiness at work. You must learn how to develop brand aspirations and commit to action that evolves your brand from where it is to where you need it to be. With a special emphasis on digital branding, this presentation will guide you to create a rebranding plan that’s aligned with who you are and how you want to deliver..Read more

William Arruda, ( PRESENTER BIO )

Coach’s Tips

To ensure that the Boot Camp presentations motivate viewers to take action, these 10 short videos provide practical tips from an executive and MBA career coach to overcome common obstacles and get moving on the path to change careers. Topics include: How can the skills that I gained from an MBA enhance my candidacy in this career change? How do I overcome the concern that I'll be "throwing away" years of my life by taking a step backward? How can I convince the company to..Read more

Dawn Graham, ( PRESENTER BIO )